Florescence Course

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1-Hour Zoom

Florescence • \flor-ESS-unss\ • noun. : a state or period of being in bloom or of flourishing.

Investment: $550

This version of my mentorships involves shadowing me during a session. I will prompt and pose our models and even help you with your settings. In addition to that, you will receive an editing video from our session, and 50% off any preset packs. 

Investment: $800 

Nothing is off limits with this zoom session. Ask all things bussiness. I will go over my client communications, my very specific timeline of Correspondence, contracts, invoices, Questionnaires, & complete management system.  Lastly, i'll go over my style guide and how i get clients to let me be a part of the styling process. 

Investment: $400

* Discount available when booking more than 1 of the above mentorships. 

Photography Mentorships

Let me start by saying how honored I am that you are here. Even if just considering investing in yourself and business is a huge step!! 

Are you struggling with finding your style?
Are you struggling with camera settings?
Are you struggling with lighting or skin tones?

If you answered yes to any or all of those, then this course is perfect for you. My editing course will give you the tools you need to create what you desire! You will also gain continued education and a sense of community through my Facebook group. Not only will I go over the basics of Lightroom and photoshop, but we’ll take a dive into perfecting skin tones, editing skies, different lighting, and even portraiture. I even include my presets! 

You deserve to create work you are proud of! 

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- Gabby

From editing down to the way I ran my business, and I couldn’t be more thankful. I will be 100% honest here, I had no idea what brushes or even radial filters were until I took her mentorship. Before her mentorship, I was actually nervous or embarrassed to show my work. After her mentorship, I want to shout from the rooftops about my art that I am so proud of.

"Michelle’s mentorship changed my entire business."

Before Mentorship

After Mentorship

- Lisa

Photoshop used to intimidate me, but now I know how to harness it to make my work stand out. Working with Michelle has made me feel more comfortable lighting clients in golden hour to achieve an artistic look. She's always there to answer questions and is hands on when teaching her mentees new techniques. I'm so happy to have grow so much over the course of her mentorship.

"Since starting Michelle's mentorship, my editing has improved drastically!"

Before Mentorship

After Mentorship

The Shop

Presets and templates

The Presets

Honey Presets

Creamy, muted tones. 

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Earthy Vibes Presets

Earthy and filmy with muted brown tones. 

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Style Guide

This style guide is fully cuztomizable in Canva. Swap all the images for your own. You can even change the text and colors. 


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